Rotary Tiller OS Series

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V - Series
KW 22-37

Maximum Horse Power - 50 (37KW)
Chain Side Drive



cm cm cm-cm Kg HP/KW No. cm
V5 175 150 67-68 310 35/22 36 15
V6 200 180 90/90 340 50/37 42 15

Standard Equipment
Model Gearbox Blades Side
No.of blades
shaft safety device
PTO Drive shaft

V 1 Speed L-
Leaning outwards 6 Shear
540 L = 800 mm
1"3/8 Z=6
Rotor rotation speed 235 rpm

4 speed rotation on request
(540 rpm)
N ° of teeth 20-21 = 223 rpm
N ° of teeth 21-20 = 245 rpm
N ° of teeth 22-19 = 270 rpm
N ° of teeth 19-22 = 201 rpm

The first model tiller from our range that woks well in dry and wet conditions. This medium duty tillers consumes less fuel and increase the blade life due to its optimum weight.




Outwards blade


Maximum working widths

Blade clearance Designed for maximum effiency
Quick-hitch Allows for quick and easy one person hook-up.
Adjustable parking stand Allows for easy hook-up and storage.
New age top hitch Easy to fix driveline and more ventailed.
Powder coated Increased machine life, value for money.
17”Rotor swing diameter For deep tilling action.
Dual seal arrangement with dust cup on rotor bearing Double protection-keeps the dirt out and the grease in.
#100 Drive chain enclosed in oil bath Heavy-duty drive chain reduces stretching.Oil keeps constant lubrication and holds wear to a minimum.
Auto chain tighter Increase the chain life – Less maintance.
Wear shield on left skid shoe Sheild protects lower portion of chain cover from wearing due to dragging in the soil.
Cat.3 driveline with shear bolt Standard heavy driveline for rough conditions. Shear bolt protects other drive train components.

Formed rear deflector with springs
Formed steel gives the rear deflector additional strength.Springs allow deflector to bounce as it hits obstructions.
Gearbox Medium duty center mounted gearbox suitable for all types of medium jobs.